Interesting places to write: The Scooter Caffe

25 January 2015

I am writing this post from the curious little cave that is the Scooter Caffe on Lower Marsh.  Have to say, it makes a nice change from the quietness of my own home where I normally write.  It also helps that I am sipping the most luxuriously thick hot chocolate whilst peeking around at the hodge-podge decor of film posters, lanterns, neon green signs and of course, the scooter that's displayed in the window.  Hidden at the back of the caffe is a cosy corner by a stack of old books and board games and from the speakers I can hear jaunty Mexican-style music which might be followed by some laid back Joni Mitchell-esque numbers or an upbeat French ditty! You never know what sounds will be piping out next.  The menu is simple - hot beverages, pastries or even a Tunnock's teacake.  You can also bring your own lunch and maybe make your way down the rickety staircase into the caffe's other little cave below.  The Scooter Caffe is one of my favourite places on Lower Marsh and is a perfect little lunchtime retreat from the office.  I've also realised that being surrounded by the sights, sounds and aromas of a different environment can only inspire and influence your writing.  

Do you have any interesting places where you like to write?

My reading year

23 January 2015

Mr. B's Book Emporium is a beautiful bookshop in Bath which sells what must be every book lover's perfect gift.  In a couple of weeks, I will be the recipient of the first of my 'Mr. B's Reading Year' books and I am ridiculously excited. After completing a questionnaire about my reading tastes and habits, Mr. B's will select books based on my preferences, one of which will then be posted to me on the first of each month.  I do love a surprise and can't wait to find out what the first book is and of course, I will reveal the books I receive each month on the blog.

A reading ritual (Winter Edition #1)

20 January 2015

On a lazy Sunday, when I have a spare few hours to settle down with a good book, I partake in a little reading ritual which normally involves a hot drink, a beautifully scented candle and some form of snacky treat!  As I am challenging myself to read 50 books this year there will be a lot more lazy Sundays and reading rituals which I thought I would share with you along the way.  So, this is book number 5 of the challenge, The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield which I enjoyed with a milky peppermint Chai Latte, a Neom candle (smells like a spa) and a bag of minty m&ms.  Lovely.  Roll on more lazy Sundays.  

Little Joys #4

18 January 2015

Paloma Faith.

Just a few things that have put a smile on my face recently.
  • Sunday trips to the cinema - Birdman was particularly awesome. 
  • Aloe Vera juice - mango flavour. Healthy goodness.
  • Listening to a few Paloma Faith songs and liking her style.  Wishing I could get away with fiery orange hair.
  • Meridian peanut bars.  Really craving all things peanutty (!) lately.
  • Watching Lily Pebbles vlogs, Especially her weekend and vlogmas videos.
  • Reading before bed.  (Currently on book 5 of my read-50-books-in-2015 challenge).
  • Postcards and notecards from Paperchase.  Perfect for my new scrapbook.

Postcard Fiction: An A-Z Series

16 January 2015

Candy Apples by Benartex Fabrics

Writing prompt - Apple
Mr Roach’s shop bell jingled as we entered.  Stacks of newspapers in neatly tied bundles loom tall.  The lady holding my hand is tall too.  She speaks slowly, reading her list.  The thin man places each item on the counter.  Stripes of black and white, twists of orange and glasslike lemons sit in jars behind him.  Chocolate in crackly silver foil line the trays in front.  The bell jingles again and a round lady toddles in.  Two boys join her, both with wonky haircuts.  No-one holds their hands.  The lady is the same shape as Cousin Eddie’s football.  I feel a sharp tug at my hand.  I am staring.  My mouth aches for the warm sweetness of chocolate to sweep over my tongue.  But today is not Friday.  My eyes plead with the thin man.  He ignores me.  The bell jingles once more as I turn back.  The thin man leans forward with a candy red toffee apple in each hand.  Two sets of eyebrows shoot skywards, lost in the wonky haircuts.  The round lady pours out grateful thank-yous and the door slams shut.  The thin man ignores me.  He always does.